My customized services – Keynotes, Executive Coaching, and Team Development – are designed to meet specific client needs.

Over the past thirty years, I have studied leaders and teams facing conditions of extreme challenge — a place I call The Edge. This concept of The Edge permeates my work. It is embedded in my programs and services, all of which have one thing in common: They are grounded in the experience of leaders and teams that have overcome daunting obstacles at the limits of human endurance.

I have examined accounts of shipwrecks, airplane crashes, mountain climbing expeditions, polar exploration, and other situations that demand exceptional performance. Based on this research, I have identified critical strategies that enable leaders and teams to reach their greatest potential in any challenging environment. Below is a description of my services.


Put yourself in this picture! Your ship is crushed and you are left stranded on solid pack ice in Antarctica. Could your team make it to safety? Frank Wild looking at reckageWould your leaders rise to the challenge? How would you coach this ship’s captain? This photo, taken from the saga of Shackleton’s Endurance expedition, begins one of two riveting presentations – both of which are based on my books.


The second program recounts the contemporary story of the AFR Midnight Rambler, winners of the treacherous 1998 Sydney to Hobart Race. Sharing-the-Helm-ART_0Both presentations provide compelling examples of the extraordinary difference that strong leadership and teamwork can make under conditions of adversity, uncertainty and change.

Incorporating my own photos and video from Antarctica and the Sydney to Hobart Race, the presentations vividly illustrate how critical strategies used by leaders and teams at The Edge can be applied to any organizational challenge.

The programs are distinctive and memorable, and they resonate with people who have no time for abstract theories. The presentations provide invaluable tools for any organization interested in taking a fresh, innovative approach to leadership and teamwork.


I am a trusted advisor to senior leaders in organizations throughout the world. The engagements focus on high potential leaders facing significant challenges. These include situations in which leaders are assuming new roles, such as chief executive positions; executives setting new organizational direction and leading change; and leaders who need support in dealing with formidable organizational obstacles.

My work often involves confidential assessment interviews to collect feedback from key individuals; frequent one-on-one meetings and phone calls; and candid discussion of sensitive issues related to strategy, leadership, and teamwork.

Because these engagements focus on critical issues facing senior leaders, they are characterized by close working relationships. I pride myself on the ability to respond in a timely way to urgent requests, and to maintain an absolute commitment to confidentiality.

I strive to put leadership development in the context of the full life structure. I believe that other aspects of life ― including physical health, psychological resilience, and non-work relationships — can make important contributions to effective leadership.


Teamwork at the top is a core element of organizational performance. As organizations maneuver toward lofty goals and negotiate uncertain environments, success depends on a senior team’s ability to make decisions, generate ideas, manage conflict, solve problems, and innovate.

I work with senior teams to unlock their full potential. I help teams develop a clear understanding of their strengths and limitations ― including both interpersonal and team dynamics. And I assist them in confronting the most critical barriers to performance, working through those obstacles, and committing to new behaviors and actions.

My team development work is often paired with coaching engagements, along with presentations and programs based on stories of adventure and survival.

I am deeply committed to the success of my clients, and I build long-term relationships. I believe that my values, unique approach, and experience give me a unique ability to help leaders, teams and organizations succeed at The Edge.