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Retracing Shackleton’s Voyage

As someone who has studied and admired Ernest Shackleton as a leader, I was excited to be following in his footsteps in the Southern Ocean. My Antarctic expedition was not nearly as perilous as his, and I was spared the extreme deprivation and hardship he had experienced. Nonetheless, it was thrilling to travel the waters he had navigated in his 800 mile journey, and to stand on the remote, rocky beaches and islands he encountered just over 100 years ago. These photos and videos capture some of my adventures.

– Dennis Perkins

Antarctic Photos

Australia: Sydney to Hobart Race

Dennis Perkins successfully completed the 2006 Rolex Sydney Hobart Ocean Race. His 723-mile journey proved to be quite eventful aboard the Getaway’s Volvo 60, Dragon.

Sydney to Hobart Race Photos

Sydney to Hobart Race Videos

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