Dennis Perkins is an executive coach and trusted advisor to CEOs and senior executives in organizations throughout the world. Leaders can benefit greatly from support and coaching when assuming a new role, leading a significant organizational change, or taking a business in a new direction. We help leaders realize their full potential in these situations by building on their strengths. Our unique approach incorporates an assessment of the leader designed to enhance their effectiveness.

Our work generally involves periodic face to face meetings and phone calls, targeted feedback activities and serving in an “of counsel” role on issues of strategy, leadership and teamwork.

The form of the engagement varies according to the needs of the leader, but critical steps include:

  • Establishing goals, expectations, and aspirations
  • Conducting interviews to collect confidential feedback from key individuals
  • Creating a feedback report that includes anonymous verbatim comments, and reviewing it with the leader
  • Establishing a high leverage action plan
  • Meeting with stakeholders to review priorities and resolve any issues
  • Follow-up meetings to review results and sustain momentum

We strive to put leadership development in the context of the full life structure. Work life doesn’t exist in a vacuum. Other aspects of life – physical health, psychological resilience, non-work relationships—can make important contributions to effective leadership. Insights from the coaching process can enrich other dimensions of life beyond work.

Our work is based on an absolute commitment to confidentiality and mutual respect. Effective coaching requires intimate dialogue between coach and leader. For that to take place, confidentiality is absolutely essential.

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