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Into the Storm

Sharing the Helm

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In 1998’s treacherous Sydney to Hobart, Tasmania, ocean race, tragedy obscured the incredible story of teamwork aboard the diminutive AFR Midnight Rambler.


Sydney to Hobart Race

A Real-Life, Risk-Filled Example of How Unsinkable Optimism Helps You Win

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The Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race is one of the most difficult–and dangerous–boat races in the world. In 1998, skipper Ed Psaltis won the race with the smallest winning boat in a decade. How? Positive thinking played a big part.


Sydney to Hobart Race








Master the Art of Rapid Recovery

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Just as people vary in their ability to deal with stress so do teams. And like individuals, teams can develop the capacity for rebounding from pressure and setbacks.


Sydney to Hobart Race








Startups Need Teamwork Entering the Perfect Storm

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If you are a new entrepreneur, you need to realize that you can’t win by sailing around the edges of the perfect storm ahead. You have to hit it with an innovative plan, and you need a confident and disciplined team to get you through it. Are you ready to rock and roll?


Perfect Storm





Lessons in Teamwork from the Treacherous Sydney to Hobart Ocean Race

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The crew of the AFR Midnight Rambler reflects on teamwork, and a captain’s leadership, during Australia’s most treacherous–and prestigious–sailing race.

14 AFR MR passing Organ Pipes 2001 (CREDIT RICHARD BENNETT)

14 AFR MR passing Organ Pipes 2001 (CREDIT RICHARD BENNETT)



Midnight Rambler


Start of Sydney Hobart race (1)






Into the Storm: Lessons Learned from the Midnight Rambler – Q&A with Dennis N. T. Perkins

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Business Review Australia speaks with Dennis N.T. Perkins about his new book, his 2006 Hobart race, and what he’s learned from the brave crew of the Midnight Rambler who beat the odds and won the 1998 race


Sydney to Hobart Race








Ten Lessons in Teamwork from the Sydney to Hobart Ocean Race

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Standing on the deck of a sailboat, far at sea in the middle of a wicked storm. A freak wave climbs higher and higher until you are looking up at an 80-foot high wall of swirling green water. Your teammate desperately shouts at you from the other side of the boat, but all you can hear is the deafening howl of 100-mph winds.


Blog talk radio

An Interview with Dennis Perkins & Jillian Murphy on Blog Talk Radio

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